Monday, November 15, 2010

Mamavation Monday : The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Another Monday - another moment to look back over the week that was and prepare for the week ahead. The past week was full of really good moments and some really bad moments, and perhaps an ugly one or two as well.

The Good: Completing Week 5 of the Couch to 5k program.
The Bad : Forgetting to ice my knee down on Friday. No ice on my knee means next day stiffness.
The Ugly : The bruise on my thigh that I got when I walked into one of the weight machines. I can run but apparently walking still escapes me.

The Good : Planning my breakfast, lunch, and snacks so that I had healthy options on hand for office eating.
The Bad : Not planning or at least having a general idea of dinner options. I wound up nibbling on lots of things in the fridge while trying to decide what to prepare for supper.
The Ugly: Eating a bowl of ice cream and considering that a dinner option.

The Good : Making the best food decisions while eating Mexican with my husband for our weekly “date night”.
The Bad : Cheese Dip
The Ugly : My tummy after eating four pieces of pizza when having dinner with friends last night.

Last week was not perfect, as you can tell, I had a few slip ups. But I was able to realize that my poor choices often resulted from a lack of planning.

Therefore, M (that’s my hubby) and I have sat down and planned out our dinners for the week. We have 5 meal ideas that we can prepare from things already in our fridge or pantry. While we have not assigned any of the meals to a particular day, we have a better game plan, which hopefully will help us eat better.

Additionally, I have learned that I can still enjoy meals out but I need to do my homework before hand, so that I know the best options for me to choose from. For example, on Friday I knew that M and I would be eating Mexican, so I reviewed the menu before hand, and made choices accordingly.

The pizza debacle – as I have termed it – could have been avoided if a) I had known before hand where we would be eating and b) I had taken more time to review the menu and ordered what was best for me rather than just following my friends’ lead.

Shifting from last week to this week, I have the following goals:

1. Week 6 of the Couch to 5k program – I am planning on completing all 3 workouts.
2. M and I have scheduled 3 nights for lifting weights at our gym.
3. Make smarter food choices in social situations.

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