Tuesday, October 5, 2010

An Introduction

If you are reading this, then you have either followed me from my other blog or you have stumbled upon me from a tweet, a comment on another blog, or just by random luck. Either way, I am happy to have you.

For those of you who may be new readers, let me introduce myself. I'm Kimberly. A 28 year old newlywed and new mother.  By day, I am the director of compliance at a rural hospital in my hometown. And my night, I am wife, mommy, aerobics instructor, and fledgling healthy living blogger.

Why a Healthy Living Blog?

I have been reading healthy living blogs for nearly two years ago. My first HLB was Kath's blog .  After a few months of lurking on her blog, I started reading the various blogs that she linked to...and I was hooked. I enjoyed reading about the delicous receipes the bloggers created, their struggles with training, and the daily happenings in their lives. Their lives were very similar to mine, they were 20 something women trying to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

Two months ago, my company instituted a wellness program. Each employee underwent a routine physical, extensive blood work, and a body composition analysis. The physical and body composition analysis returned great results – I have a healthy BMI. But the blood work uncovered several problems. First, my cholesterol level was 229. That meant that I was in the borderline high category. Additionally, my triglyceride level was 144. The employee health nurse told me that I should have a triglyceride level of less than 100.

The results were shocking to me. I had always envisioned myself as a healthy person. However, my blood work revealed that there was more that I could accomplish. For two weeks, I wrote down every bite of food that passed my lips. I then took that data to a registered dietician. Her recommendations were simple:

1.Eat more fruits and vegetables – On an average day, I am eating only 1 or 2 fruits and vegetables.
2.Reduce sodium intake – It was advised that I keep sodium to 1500 mg a day. My food journal showed that I was consuming at least twice those levels. Yikes!
3.Reduce fat intake – I should be taking in 50 grams of fat a day….there were days where I took in nearly double that amount.

The RD also suggested that I continue to keep a food journal as a measure of accountability. But I found that simply writing my food intake on a piece of paper was boring and easy for me to skip. Therefore, I decided to create “One Fit Mama” – a place were I can capture (via photos) my meals/snacks and record my workouts.

I also hope that “One Fit Mama” will allow me to foster new friendships with other woman who are on the journey to a healthier version of themselves.

If you’ve made it to this point, thanks for reading! And again, welcome!

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